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Grand Better place is a realtor and an e-commerce property management platform. Because we build and sell, we are realtor/developer, because we e-commerce your property , we are Proptech ( CREtech for commercial real estate technology and  REtech for real estate technology). Our immense experience in construction and real estate has made us unique in the way our platform provides useful services to sellers and buyers. We bring buyers and sellers to a consensus ad idem in addition to other services and information our website provides to users. In short, we are a better place for all your property information
Our platform provides multiple listing services such as buy, rent and shortlet in addition to many ancillary services as exemplified below
• Consultation, we give buyers and sellers the best advice relating to their properties
• Home valuation, we help do a valuation of your property
• Property management consultation
• Property search with the appropriate authority in the jurisdiction
• Help develop and do the finishing of your property
• Fractional Property investment 
• Shortlet rental investments that guarantee 20-25% pa return on investment
What has changed 
Nowadays, how clients find the new property they bought is changing to the Internet more than meeting with real estate agents. The benefits of using automated property technologies and websites like Grand Better Place are overwhelming. Consumers and real estate professionals will be at a distinct disadvantage if they choose not to use these valuable tools to find or sell a home. That is why we evolved, and you can find our e-commerce platform the adoption of the latest technology such as conversation using  AI like a chat box. 3D Virtual house and apartment touring, big data analytics on demographic and security and price information, and the Blockchain technology that users can use to verify encrypted transactions and ensure that no tampering impacts financial records. It will prove useful in fractional property investment and allow landlords to sell portions of their stake in each holding among others. What is more, agents  and buyers can use our social media pages, use Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest to conduct tours of apartments or houses

Grand Better Place

Client Name
: Grand Better Place
: E-Commerce Website Development
Start Date
: May 30, 2022
End Date
: Jun 29, 2022
: Completed